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Kent Valley’s Summer Programs Directory

By KVHA, 07/05/18, 10:30AM PDT


Kent Valley Ice Centre, Kent, WA., Thursday, July 5, 2018 - Kent Valley Ice Centre offers a wide variety of summer programs and skill development opportunities from Accelerated Training Day Camp to Open Stick n’ Pucks, Public Skating and much more. 

A Word or Two About Summer Hockey Training

We have received numerous questions on what to do in the spring and summer after the hockey season ends.  The simple answer is you need to train on a regular basis, which means almost daily.  What that training entails really depends on the player’s age, playing level and hockey aspirations.

When I was a youth hockey player, I skated about 300-400 hours during a winter season, mostly playing pick-up games on an outdoor rink.  I used to shoot and stickhandle a puck or ball daily.  As I got older, my off-ice training included what is currently considered a standard off-ice work out, but at the time was unheard of.  If you want to be good, it will take a lot of training and dedication.  If you want to be the best, then you have to train the best. 

My recommendation is that at the very least you need to skate 3-4 times per week all year long, which comes to about 300 hours per year.  Skating includes attending Stick n’ Puck and Public Sessions along with your regular practice, skills clinics or any spring teams or summer hockey schools you plan to do.  In a standard winter season, you are on the ice around 80-150 hours, depending on whether you play Rec. or Rep. and how many games you play.  For the remaining 5 months of the year in the spring and summer, you have at least 150 hours of ice time to make up if your goal is to be on the ice 300 hours a year.  That averages to about 5-6 hours of ice per week.

There are a huge number of options available, so you will need to use your training dollars wisely.  A typical hockey school is usually about $80.00 to $130.00 per day and you usually get about 2 to 3 hours of ice with all the other off-ice activities.  Compare that to a $11.00 public session, a $14.00 stick n’ puck or one of the summer training sessions and you can get more ice time with your training dollars at Kent Valley Ice Centre.

Les Grauer, 
KVHA Executive Director
KVHA Coaching & Hockey Director

ProAmbitions Hockey Camp July 16th thru July 20th

ProAmbitions Hockey will bring their Prolux Triple Threat Curriculum to Kent Valley Ice Centre for a five-day stint July 16th through July 20th.  ProAmbitions will offer four program options this summer, Prolux Full-Day Camp, Goalie Clinic, Prolux Half-Day (mornings) and Prolux Half-Day (afternoons). 

Seattle Thunderbirds Skills Camp at asseso ShoWare Center August 6th thru 17th

Seattle Thunderbirds Skills Camp will be held at asseso ShoWare Center during two weeks in August.  Participants will utilize the Thunderbirds locker room and WHL dressing rooms throughout the camp.  The Camp’s first session runs August 6-10 with the second session on August 13-17.

Accelerated Training Day Camp, Monday, Wednesday & Friday June 18th thru August 17th

Hockey Development - Directed by Les Grauer.  In 8 short weeks, this program offers more practice time than a normal winter season!!  It also provides a variety of activities that make it a summer of fun for everyone. Today’s athletes are more skilled than ever. The Accelerated Training Day Camp Program provides players of all ages with the ice time necessary to improve their hockey skills. Every day, players get 3 or more hours of ice-time including two different skill sessions run by our experienced coaches. Along with the on-ice drills, the off-ice program incorporates a series of dry land exercises. This includes off-ice stickhandling to develop hand eye co-ordination and improve puck skills, and soccer to develop agility and conditioning.  In addition, the day campers have time to have fun around the facility playing air hockey, pool, mini-golf, batting cages, and street hockey. The 9-hour day camp has it all (for less than $6.50/hour).


Adult Hockey Skills Clinic, Fridays June 22nd thru August 10th 


Adult Hockey Skills Clinic - Directed by Molly Doner.  Designed for adult players – beginners to less than 5 years playing experience - or anyone who wants to learn more about the game and develop better skills & techniques, our Adult Hockey Skills Clinic will take you through a systematic progression, starting with skills development – including power skating, puck handling, shooting techniques, transitions, and backwards skating - and ending with tactical & game situations – including breakouts, fore-checking systems, defensive zone coverage, and puck-support.  The clinic meets once per week on Friday evenings to minimize conflicts with work & family and is intended help you achieve a greater understanding of the game and give you the tools to take your game to the next level!


Power Skating Clinic, Thursdays June 21st thru August 16th


Power Skating Clinic - Directed by Molly Doner - More than any other skill, skating ability is cited as the most important single attribute that a hockey player can possess.  If you can’t skate well, you will struggle to advance in the game.  In order to improve your skating, you need the proper technique and lots of repetition.  In 8 short weeks, this program will teach you the proper techniques, drills, and skills that you need to become an excellent skater.  The class will cover edge control, stride technique & extension, the relationship between power and knee-bend, hockey turns, acceleration, crossovers, backwards technique, agility drills, balance, and much more.